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Monozoom systems are designed for imaging at the macro level of magnifications. where a large filed of view is required. they are single axis systems, where the full aperture of the imaging optics is used. Stereomicroscopes can produce images, at similar magnification ranges but the two optical paths are diverging. This means that, when using the image from one optical path of a stereo, only one side of the front objective is used. Monozoom systems are ideal when a 3D image is not required and are generally preferable if the image is to be observed on a TV monitor, photographed or recorded as a video print.


There are two zoom units available:

The left one that images directly to a CCTV camera.

The right hand one, which can be fitted with a viewing head for visual observations. Since a variety of viewing heads are available e.g. a trinocular viewing head, cameras can also be fitted to this type.

The basic zoom range is 0.7x to 4.5x. However the range of magnifications and consequently field sizes can be extended by means of supplementary front objectives and alternative image optics, located after the zoom unit.

Complete systems can be tailor made using a variety of support stands, illuminators and focusing units