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Our range includes stereomicroscopes for all applications: such as for use in the Life Sciences, Materials Science and Industry. We supply stereomicroscopes, from low cost instruments for inspection or dissection through to large zoom range research models. The following shows a selection.

See below for useful tips

Microscope from Meiji Techno - Nikon - Leica



Diameter of visual field of view Measuring with eyepiece graticule Parfocalising zoom


The field of view number (FN) is usually engraved on the eyepiece e.g. 10x/22. The diameter of the visual field of view can be calculated by dividing FN by the primary magnification (which is the magnification excluding the eyepiece factor


The scale in the eyepiece is calibrated, using a scale of known value as a specimen. Do not change the Zoom setting without re-calibrating. Align eyepiece scale vertically, to avoid inaccurate measurements; caused by inclined side to side viewing. To ensure the image stays in focus (when zooming) it is necessary to either adjust the eyepiece tubes or, in some cases, the focusing eyepieces.

1) Set adjustable tubes or eyepieces to standard setting.

2) Turn zoom to highest factor and focus on a specimen; using the microscope focusing.

3) Turn zoom to lowest factor and, if the specimen is not in focus, re-focus using the eyepiece tubes or the focusing eyepieces.