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The Microtec range of magnifiers is located on two pages on this site

This page includes: Free Standing Magnifiers  -  Headband Magnifier  -  Pocket and Compact Microscopes

Lamp Lenses  -  Pocket Comparator

Prices are given exclusive of VAT and postage.


Folding linen tester, metal frame and glass lens
  • M031 25mm scale - 17.00
  • M032 1" scale - 17.00
12x achromatic magnifier on acrylic stand with glass lens
  • M009 lens diameter 18mm - 15.00
5x folding magnifier, plastic stand and lens
  • M074 lens diameter 35mm - 3.00
Folding magnifier, plastic frame and glass lens
  • M074 lens diameter 110mm - 7.50
  • M101 lens diameter 40mm - 2.00
Solid aspheric acrylic magnifier
  • M017 diameter 50mm - 9.60
Acrylic bar magnifiers
  • M075 130 x 25mm - 2.00
  • M075 350 x 34mm - 12.90
Free standing magnifier with metal foot and flex & stay arm and glass lens
  • M080 lens diameter 90mm - 30.00


Binocular headband magnifier with 2.2x and 3.3x paired lenses
  • M065A headband mag. - 28.00


Pocket microscope - magnification 25x, field of view 3.5mm diameter - with measuring scale range 3mm, minimum scale graduation 0.05mm

overall height = 113mm

  • M033 pocket mic. - 86.00
Compact microscopes, with illumination and measuring scale.

overall height = 215mm

  • M069 100x, field 1.7mm, measuring range 1mm/0.05", min grad: 0,02mm/0.05" - 208.00
  • M070 60x, field 3.25mm, measuring range: 2.4mm/0.1", min grad: 0.02mm/0.001" - 193.00
  • M071 40, measuring range 3.0mm/0.1", min grad: 0,02mm/0.001" - 198.00


These lenses are easily clamped to the shade of a table lamp
  • M019 3x, 40x50mm - 13.00
  • M020 2x, 60x75mm - 18.00
  • M021 2x, 75x90mm - 20.00


This focusing magnifier has a triplet 10x lens, a vinyl carrying case and a standard measuring scale length 20mm, measuring to 0.1mm

A variety of alternative and interchangeable scales are available; for measuring angles, threads, diameters, widths etc (further information available on request)

  • M030 Comparator - 71.00
  • Extra scales 12.00 each