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The following are a selection of special microscope systems we have made to suit customers specific requirements

A microscope designed for viewing nets on which Plankton has been collected. The requirements are to view with precise fields and to scan several inches of net. In addition an ergonomical design was required to ensure maximum observer comfort is obtained as observers have to work for long periods, with this microscope.



The microscope is a Leica fixed stage microscope. A rigid stage support and micromanipulator support has been added.




This is a low cost rig for neurophysiology, which was designed for use by students. The right hand micromanipulator has a low cost remote cable drive on the x axis. This enables a patch clamp to be made, and avoids hand movements being transmitted to the electrode.




This special microscope system was designed to enable force measurements to be made on individual cells. It provides a view of the specimen chamber from underneath and from the side. There are vertical and a horizontal microscope views incorporated.




This instrument was assembled to record video prints at precise print magnifications. The prints are used as a record and a comparative test for contaminants in hydraulic oil samples.