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Most microscope manufacturers offer camera systems dedicated to their microscopes. However, it also possible to adapt different cameras to almost any microscope.



Cameras such as the Nikon  can be readily attached to microscopes, providing digital images directly to a pc.


Various CCTV cameras can be attached to a microscope CCTV images can be captured to a standard pc using a frame grabber
Images can be observed on a CCTV monitor Frame grabbers are also available for laptop computers


Interfacing optics and the appropriate mechanical fittings are required to connect cameras to microscopes. We can supply a large range of such fittings for this purpose.







Maximum useful magnification to CCTV camera Magmax = 500 x NA of objective

CCTV ADAPTER MAGNIFICATION to achieve monitor field that is maximum within the visual field

With 1/3" camera 0.33 x
With 1/2" camera 0.4 x
With 2/3" camera 0.6 x
With 1" camera 1x